Membership & Benefits

  • Review ASEAN Investment Opportunities

  • Irrespective of the type of business that is operating or desires to operate/invest in the ASEAN region, the association proides a common platform to help members achieve their goals

  • Aligning stakeholder interests

Limited Partners
  • Meet new and existing GP’s investing in the ASEAN member state


  • Learn about new strategies


  • Work with partners for data, research, structuring, insurance & other needs    

General Partners
  • Explore investment opportunities in ASEAN countries of size and in sector of interest


  • Find distressed, growth & buy out opportunities


  • Participate in club deals 


  • Meet new investors

Business Owners
  • Meet new investors investing in the ASEAN member state


  • Gain insights with experts on growing and funding future growth


  • Work with partners for data, new market entry strategies, partnerships  & other needs    

Service Providers
  • Meet new LP’s, GP’s and other investors investing in the ASEAN countries/region


  • Network with pre-IPO and other fast growing businesses seeking domestic or cross border expertise


  • Provide thought leadership on relevant areas of expertise


In addition, regional business owners can connect with other business owners as well as strategic or financial investors to expand their markets and/or businesses


Regulators and policy makers have access to the private investor voice as policy development continues in the region


To become a member, please complete this Membership Form and email it to